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Thinking About Drinking? Not a bad idea.

Have you ever spent much time thinking about your drinking?

The fact is that two-thirds of all American adults drink alcohol, and the people at MSU are no different.  For most of us, our alcohol use is just something that we've been doing for years, so we don't think much about it.  Its just what we do to relax, when we play, when we're stressed, when we're at a football game... drinking has just become a part of our lives.  And, so, we don't think about it.  We just do it.

The trouble is that it's difficult to assess your own drinking habits to know when you have crossed the line into riskier drinking behavior. Simply put, it's hard to know how much is too much. Without spending time looking at our own drinking patterns, learning what a real drinking problem is, or knowing how to recognize the "red flags", you could find yourself with a real problem, and not know where to go for help.

This site has been designed to offer you a safe, confidential way to take stock of your own drinking habits, using evidence-based data and validated tools to help you learn about how drinking could be affecting your health, your relationships, your work, and your life.

Thinking About Drinking: The Program

Thinking About Drinking was created by the University Physician’s Office, Health4U, and the Employee Assistance Program to identify drinking alcohol as both a health and wellness issue important to the entire MSU community, not just students. It’s just one of many health factors, including nutrition, exercise, tobacco use, and emotional health, which can affect health status, both in the long and the short term. So, it makes sense that we all pay attention to our alcohol use – to really begin thinking about drinking.

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In The News: Binge Drinking

Recent study shows binge drinking to be a bigger problem in US than previously thought

We are now learning that binge drinking is a bigger problem than we previous thought. According to a recent article in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, binge drinking accounts for more than half of the estimated 80,000 deaths related to alcohol use in the US, and accounts for three quarters of the $223 billion in alcohol related costs to US economy.

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What counts as "one drink"?

All drinks are not created equal.

When you start to think about your drinking, you’ll want to start out by having a method of figuring out how many drinks you typically drink.

To do this, you’ll need to know one thing -- what makes up "one drink"?  Seems like a simple question, doesn’t it?  You might say that one beer is one drink, or one glass of wine, or even a single shot of hard liquor.  But, how big is that beer?  What kind of beer is it?  How high did you pour that glass of wine?  How much alcohol is in that shot? 

Believe it or not, there actually is a standardized way of measuring "one drink."

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Do I have a problem?

How do I know if I have a problem with drinking?

Thinking about whether or not you have a problem typically leads most people to assume that they don’t.  “I just drink because I like it.  It’s not like I need it, and I certainly don’t end up lying in the gutter somewhere.”  When we imagine about the kinds of people who have supposed “real” drinking problems, we often picture disheveled men carrying bottles in paper bags, stumbling down the street. 

But, the truth is much more complicated than that. 

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